Desiring the Perfect Lip

Shape and how the proportion of the lips is to the face are often the most neglected part of our face especially within the Asian context. Full and shapely lips are associated not only with aesthetic values of youth, sensuality and beauty, but are also associated with gentleness and approachability. Thin, pursed lips are associated with negative perceptions of the person as being annoyed or angry and frustrated.

Close-up of kissing lips, selective focus

Some common lip shapes:


So what makes up a set of ideal lips?

The perfect lip should be clearly defined, have adequate volume, the proportion to the face and to each other, free from discoluration and from fine lines above and below the lip border.


Shape – The proportion of the lip to the face is important. There are many different lip shapes which can work for you. Therefore it is important to arrange a consultation with the doctors at Prive Clinic who will be able to discuss in detail the technique dependent procedure to advise you on the best suitable lip filler treatment. Lip Shaping fillers can be placed in strategic locations that can help to restore the ideal proportions of the lips and improve your overall appearance.

Volume – Volume loss is the main complaint for the lips as we age. The lips tend to roll inward and appear thinner. The downward pull of the muscles controlling the corners of the mouth may also result in the corners of the lips drooping and appearing downturned, even when it’s in a neutral state. This can project a negative, unfriendly demeanour. Lip Volume fillers can be used to restore its natural contours and fill up.

Fine Lines – Fine lines will be more prominent on dehydrated lips, so if witness vertical lines appearing around the lips, Lip Hydrating fillers or skinboosters can be administered to improve the skin condition, restore its natural collagen and increase the water content of your lips.

Colour – Frequent use of dark lip coloured liners and smoking can result in a permanent dark line around the lips making it look dull and tired. Laser treatments accompanied by gentle chemical peels can restore the colour of the lips to its youthful origin.

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