Skin Tightening (Facelift Treatment)

We know women love to keep their youthful exuberance for as long as possible. As days go by, the reality is that skin begins to lose elasticity, collagen levels diminish and moisture levels deplete. Get a facelift and leave it in the good hands of Privé to get one up on staying youthful!

Skin Tightening

*Thermage CPT Face & Neck

Thermage CPT Face & Neck is a non-invasive FDA procedure that uses patented radio frequency energy to tighten, smooth and contour your skin in as little as one treatment – with no surgery, no injections and little to no downtime. Using the new CPT system (Comfort Plus Technology), Thermage boasts a more comfortable experience and an improved, more uniform heating action that stimulates your body’s natural renewal of collagen, which creates a subtle, natural looking results on the face and body.
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*Scarlet / Scarlet Lite

Privé is the first aesthetics clinic in Singapore to offer Scarlet, a minimally invasive treatment that helps remodel collagen and elastin, giving women the benefits of reduced wrinkles and acne scars, along with improved texture and firmness. Developed …
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